" .... Nobody home, but you know it’s proper to enter.  The first room, surprise, is egg-shaped in plan.  A shallow dome in an otherwise flat ceiling.  It’s a large lounge.  Archways, doors, windows, ancient tapestries; in a house in a native grotto and with simple gray-weathered unpainted axe-split boards and lichened stone.  A modern cable from the gable, soon to be again updated, runs overhead to the ravine passing over some very very old circles chipped into some outcropped stone.  Comings and goings have worn a foot track, the only significant peoplemark in declining nature’s vegetated surrounds.  You understand this house like any other.  It’s already built so in one’s stride the founding stone has less priority than the front door. To begin at the foundation and look to its sequential development, through the floor and mother of pearl, hoping to find, in a pointed end, an understanding of ‘house’ is a square approach.  This may suit some, but not the dweller, nor the visitor.  The only approach for them is through the wistful romance generated by the room spaces and touches of home; the first kiss from person to natural place is an emotional happening - not a freshly cut stone re-contacting mother earth.  Houses are more than square.  Machines, construction, space and economy do reign hard with the quadrangles of orthogonal procedure.  People, though, will seek the quicksilver of personal abstraction (some sort of synthetic aesthetic) and the sensuality of organic surrounds with which to intersperse these indispensable right-angles and the varied stuff of which they are built. ..." 

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