"We need deboxing - less box ... alsodegridding. Without people's geographic participations we'd be only engineering and realty. WHOLISTIC LAND-USE ENHANCES GEOGRAPHIC CHARACTER; whereas the old colonial urban stamp suffocates."


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What's all about?

View DeboGeoSCRAPBOOK for an idea of its spirit

The coordination of town amenity, facility, form, character, identity, sustainability for commerce, public activity and hometown enjoyment: It is about uniting town planners, civil engineers, landscape architects, public artists, government programs, community & commercial activism, traffic, land & constructed heritage, government, neighbourhoods, urban centre commerce - all with professional discipline, including sustainability and ongoing program pragmatics for local government and community.

In 1997 John was consulted as an Coordinator & Urban Architect as part of the Bicheno Townscape Project - one of three he undertook on the Tasmanian East Coast for community organisations. See the video below in all it's VHS glory.. 

... check out these informing documents in full below...

A Placemaker's Vision

Settlement Place

Council Centre

Sorell Community Administration Centre

Settlement Plan Request

Heritage Vision

Breezeway Rivulet

The Old Shore Precinct

Dunn Maquarie

Community and Environment Art & Design Townscape Projects

500 on Globalisation

Hollybank Forest Submission

A Special State's Special Towns

A Special State's Special Towns

... so, to date...

TO DATE- in summary (& WITH GROWING CONTENT AS THERE IS MUCH) here showing Latham's involvements from today's  private practice, back through state government, local government, community representation and cadet architect; with scrapbook snaps below & in links:
  • She-oak Rise: Macquarie Point Railyards URBAN FRAMEWORK PROPOSAL
  • Sorell Council Chambers & CIVIC PRECINCT PROPOSAL
  • Sullivans Cove International Urban Design Competition THUMBNAIL SKETCHINGS
  • HouseFandango Book, Homartian Book, Indigenous City Paper
  • Dunn/Macquarie proposal, Hobart
  • Hobart Rivulet Urban Character Lobbying
  • The OLD SHORE precinct proposal, Hobart (paint sketches)
  • Devonport Precinctual Redevelopment SUBMISSION
  • Devonport East Heritage SUBMISSION
  • Settlement Place precinct proposal, Hobart
  • Special State's Special Towns - STATE CHARACTER PLANNING PROPOSAL
  • State of the Environment Settlement Committer Member
  • Forestry Tasmania; Hollybank Tourist Development - Short Listed Applicant
  • Tasmania Together Nominated Participant 
  • Bellerive Bluff Urban Landscape Consultancy Submission
  • Bicheno Community Townscape Project, SELECTED PROJECT MANAGING URBAN ARCHITECT
  • Mercantile Place concept development partial participant
  • Sandy Bay Urban Sensitive Pump Stations
  • St Helens Townscape Plan
  • South Hobart Townscape Project PRELIMINARY BRIEF
  • Streetworks Masterplan Draft - City of Hobart
  • Forestry Tasmania; Hollybank Centre Design Competition
  • Hobart CBD Plan Wellington Court, Public Art, bus mall participant
  • Various Urban Design Conferences & Seminars
  • North Hobart Townscape Project COORDINATOR
  • Public Art Program Hobart City Council
  • Development Control Urban & Heritage Assessment comment for Development Applications
  • Tasmanian & West Australian Remote Area Mining Township cadet participant with LHHowroyd & Associates (Technic10)