It's light book about some substance behind character of place and urban architectures.

" ... Did they stomp on the indigenous vicinity, their nibberloone country? Did they move frenetically to wall in a place like their own back home, frightened by the proximity of the bush-edged night shadows, consolidating buildings bastion-like to turn inward to avoid outwardly acknowledging their discourteousimposition & stifling away even the brooken beauty of the handy crystal salten estuary convenient for spearing & a frolic or three. Did they stomp & build bit by bit until the wonder-country in locale no longer lived centre town – so that more & more they had to travel to find something like it & to meet the mouheneenner there who might courteously mind their children or trade some roo meat for a dog. ..."


Try Hobart Bookshop.   

Bootleg version:http:  homartian-where-is-your-indigenous-city