House Fandango

It's a bulky book, dense with words and lyric; a depth of context for design and a read for laypeople.


" ...Your house … anyperson’s:  Your own house actions and circumstance.

This nutshell, with humour and passion on serious rock, explains housing uniquely. 

For owner, renter, designer, planner, builder, homemaker, sociologist, economist, environmental practitioner. 

Introducing the industry and diverse, colourful people around camp, boulevard, cottage, rooms, breadcrumbs and modern dwelling: a surprisingly important cause for humans in a modern very troubled world still with its paradise. 

Houses are huge to world and homemaker.  How do we manage it all?  How does it manage us? 

With each of us is our activity that bonds us with domestic contraption; the activity of housing and the returning action of houses.  "House” is more than architecture.

Dweller in the driver’s seat; do your own special housing.  Share in the perceptions of others, experts, curriculum drafters and authorities commonly blinkered by their own streams of focus making decisions and blocking the wholeness in wholistic housing.   

This is offered at least to students as a guard against the blinkering educational stream silo effect.  The students need to be on fire of their own generational movement!   And knowing the indigenous and the nomad have held us in hand eons ago while today they are surveyed into a corner. ..."