Design twice... thrice even; but build once .. if at all. Measure twice... thrice: but cut once... if at all.
— Monte John Latham


montE John Latham

Australian Institute of Architects A+Member

BA(EnvDes)GradDiparch  board of architects TAS reg. no.321

John is a trained and accredited architect who has 3.5 decades of work experience in architecture in Australia and Wellington. This broad experience ranges from house design, corporate fit-out, remote area town planning and housing, municipal architecture, community ownership of townscape, local government report writing and development appraisal, urban art, settlement heritage patterns and so on. He has liaised with professionals and bureaucrats of many specialties.

Debox began as John's solo practice 15 years ago. 

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streamlined professional architectures

Architectures in building (public, residential, commercial), townscape and regional character. Delivering efficient, intuitive design homogeneous with the owner’s own. Expect delivery in design, documentation, council applications and contract administration. Expect knowledge & reflexes in heritage, innovation, convention, urban, land, room & identity - all evident in product character and value.

The practice is about two things; passion and business. As a prospective client you might weigh up the practice in terms of worth and cost. 


"I look to secure well designed urban environment as a backdrop to house design. And to encourage beaut' houses as part of the urban environment. There’s time to do both, and one stimulates the other. Local identity. My cadet experience with a practice working on mining towns, I think set the stage. Doing house and town layout simultaneously; they’re for the same people. A dozen years with Hobart Council has given me these reflexes as well; I was giving house applications the eye one minute, streetscape the next." Debox likes to deal with people, dwellers, bureaucrats, community groups and politicians to make great places to be.


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Listen. Consider. Design. 

John works arm-in-arm with clientele to tailor designs that meet needs and budget. There are two main benefits to this situation:

  1. Low cost. Low office-overheads means professional service at a much lower cost.
  2. Seamless project delivery. John will see through all aspects of the design process & red-tapes for you. This ensures that your preferences and needs can be met through one process by one expert. Where possible John drafts & details his own work and may also engage drafting and graduate architect support.
  3. John can arrange & manage; energy consultants, surveyors, engineers etc as relevant to your Project.


Hobart and surrounds. Statewide. Nationwide.

The Practice services the Tasmanian community, looks broadly in Australia, as well as currently seeking in New Zealand. John produces work from the Debox Hideaway and is in touch as a mobile architect. If you're in Hobart city, New Norfolk, Sandy Bay, Kingston, Sorell, Melbourne, Wellington or anywhere else; be in contact.

We can arrange a free on site chat.

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